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Simply, to see what is there.

Some call it "going with the flow"

Others call it "going with the grain"

For us, it's just 2nd Nature.

Our philosophy

Before allowing imagination to take its form,

first understand and appreciate the existing conditions.

This is zen, in the landscape.

2nd Nature Design + Landscaping



We have learned what works and why.

EST. 2016



conserve + filter water, restore soil integrity, and encourage biodiversity

Leave a positive impact on y(our) environment.


  • Sustainable landscape projects in Maryland and DC

  • Commercial, community and residential clients welcome

  • Landscape design, landscape construction, environmental education and consultation

  • Specializing in storm water solutions and green infrastructure construction

  •  Cultivating a reputation for creating meditative spaces out of previously problematic places


My design philosophy is simple: 

less is more.

Less waste. More use.


The approach to each project is rooted in understanding the existing conditions of a site and adapting a layout or design to enhance the space with nature based solutions. We keep what is working and enhance the rest. The goal is to create landscapes that remind us (and the birds, bees and butterflies) of nature's allure with texture, color and smells.  Re-introducing nature to clients as a big picture problem solver is a sheer joy.
















Our sustainability principles look like using native plants, raw materials, natural decor, solar technology and zero chemicals. The outcome is a property that simply works better for the client and the environment.




Thank you for visiting our website,

please let us know how we can help.

"Be not simply good, be good for something."



My other passion is Arts+Parks. Our non-profit organization aims to bring back meaning and power to forgotten spaces in Baltimore

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