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permeable hardscape



We have learned what works and why.





Let us help you create a greener, cleaner future. 

Within the category of hardscapes there are permeable and non-permeable materials. The term “permeable," means to allow water to percolate through, seeping into the ground beneath.

Permeable Hardscapes are important features to use in our landscapes because allowing water to slowly filter into the ground helps reduce the chance of flooding, prevents unwanted water damage and keeps the soil beneath moist. 
You can use permeable landscapes wherever you desire, whether it be in a patio, a driveway or just adding a path through your yard.

BENEFITS: Filter pollutants from runoff, Slow runoff, Reduce erosion, Recharge groundwater, Conserve water, Remove standing water on your property, Reduce potential of flooding, Enhance property value. 


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