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2nd Nature Design + Landscaping



We have learned what works and why.





Let us help you design a greener, cleaner future. 

A design approach that uses a toolbox of sustainable techniques: conservation, restoration and organic innovation to maximize y(our) positive impact on the environment.


Each design is custom created to fit the space and inspired by nature's tendency to rejuvenate and repair. We help our clients see the potential, no matter how under-developed or far gone things may be. Resilience flows from site to site and our vision and imagination are strengthened by experiences working in all aspects of the landscape business. The result is professional project management from start to finish and beyond.


1-2 hours for smaller projects

3-5 hours for larger projects

  • Digital 2D plan view landscape design

    • plant list

      • species, cultivar, size and quantities

  • Complete project development and management

    • source vendors and supplies 

    • materials list  

    • exact costs to construct 

    • statement of work proposal

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