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bio-swales + Tree pit cells



We know what works and why.






Let us help you create a greener, cleaner future. 

Bio-swales + Tree Pit Cells use plants and soils to infiltrate and treat stormwater runoff. These systems can also dramatically reduce pollutants and contaminants in an effort to increase water quality. There are wet or dry swales made out of grass, rocks, and other types of vegetation. Tree Pit Cells exist within pavement, such as sidewalks and parking lots, and can be created or existing cells enhanced.

 By capturing rainwater in a bio-swale, holding it, and then slowly releasing it into the soil, the rush of runoff from a large storm can be slowed and cleaned – quickly, neatly and naturally. 

BENEFITS: Filter pollutants from runoff, Slow runoff, Reduce erosion, Recharge groundwater, Conserve water, Remove standing water on your property, Increase biodiversity, Reduce potential of  flooding, Create habitat for birds & butterflies, Survive drought seasons, Reduce garden maintenance, and Enhance property value.

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