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The impacts of nature experience on human cognitive function and mental health

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Here is an excerpt that caught my attention:

"Complex working memory span improved and a decrease in anxiety and rumination resulted from exposure to natural green space."

At this point, few have been able to escape the tech revolution. In fact, we don't even spend the time to say technology because we don't need to anymore. Shortcuts are abound. Convenience is king. But are we really making progress? With so much information available to process, even the most powerful superhuman minds get tired every once and awhile. And what is the first thing people do when they are overwhelmed and want to reset? Well, if it is night, we sleep and recover. But when we have to keep going on with the day, we seek nature. We look out the window, we plan a trip for food "out in the world" or we grab our keys and go for a refresher walk. Ironically, these days that doesn't necessarily mean disconnecting with technology, however it does mean finally connecting with nature. And what nature does so well is amplify the senses, perhaps just enough to help us pay attention to what is right in front of us. Nature provides an engaging and interesting experience without over-taxing the senses; in other words nature is a good distraction.


Source: Landscape and Urban Planning

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