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Urban Nature Experiences Reduce Stress in the Context of Daily Life Based on Salivary Biomarkers

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Here is an excerpt that caught my attention:

"Healthcare providers in North America and Europe have begun to write nature prescriptions, often called “nature pills,” using common sense and interpretation of published research to motivate patients to take a nature break."

Source: Journal of Nurse Practitioners


Have you ever just needed a chill pill? Wanted a natural way to achieve a similar relaxation to the well known chemical mood enhancers. Imagine being told by your doctor to take a dose of nature, twice a day for the next 30 days. And if you find it helps, they recommend you stay on that dosage for as long as necessary. For some, the idea of nature as the remedy is plain, but for many the concept is foreign and unorthodox in today's society. We think a pill is strictly purchased at a pharmacy and it may have unwanted side effects, but that is apart of accepting its other more positive attributes. Even when the pill doesn't solve the problem, we are certain another will do the trick. Perhaps the dose needs to be increased. That dose in the case of nature, is the amount of time and the quality of the submersion. Again, consider being prescribed nature twice a day. In the morning, before heading out for work and the world you remember to take a dose of nature. And then again during the evening, you remember oh wait before I lay down I should take my nature medicine. For me, medicine is what heals us. And nature does an especially good job of creating moments for healing. It is the pause, while in nature, that does the real work. The longer that pause, the stronger the dose. If you have ever fallen asleep in nature you can appreciate the transition and re-orientation of time. In nature, the time is only made up of the sacred agreement with the sun. Do what you can do while you can. Yet there is no rush, just seasons taking their toll. We make our teas and remember the plants and leaves before it, we plant our seeds and become creators. We sit under its canopy during strong rains and hot summers; we kneel close enough to touch the stream and pick out a new rock for home. All sorts of things create trauma, and likewise I believe an equal number of things heal that trauma. Mother Nature, is always there, high and low. Abundance, even in the snow. Somehow always available, in whatever dose you choose.

- EV, Owner


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